Artists Statement

Observing the natural world, I analyse and catalogue the various elements, which fascinate me. In doing this I create in my mind a library of visual information. Within the library I bring together different visual combinations and translate them into glass. Combined with a need for systematic, meditative, replication, I produce items of biomorphic, surrealist sculptural glass .With references such things as atomic structure, pollen, viruses and botanicals, I utilize hundreds, if not thousands of individually made components

My work to date has been described as contemporary baroque and at the same time, through the limited use of color, it is perfectly at home within the minimal Bauhausian architectural cityscape that we exist in. To date James Lethbridge Glass works primarily on site-specific commissions, with private clients, interior designers and architects developing bespoke chandeliers and lighting. James Lethbridge Glass has outlets in New York, Paris and London.