Bespoke Design Service

James Lethbridge Glass offers a Bespoke Chandelier Design Service.

Clients using this service often prefer a one off, utterly unique chandelier and appreciate the ability, to have their input into the design process.

The process can be broken down into relevant stages:

  1. Initial Expression of Interest: Please email me at If you have any particular chandeliers in mind that are in my existing collection please add the chandelier title to the email. If on the other hand you want a unique, as of yet un-designed chandelier, please describe the initial starting point, or perhaps add visual material. You may find it useful to perhaps start a mood board on Pinterest to collect you thoughts.
  2. Site Visitation: At this stage I discuss with you your design ideas on a one to one basis. I will also assess the suitability of the installation site. I will look at various aspects of the project, such as structural integrity of the installation site and electrical suitability. After the site visit, it may be possible to give you a ball park figure. Ball park figures are useful at this stage for you to determine if you wish to proceed with the commission.
  3. Design: The actual design process may only take a matter of weeks or could possibly last years, dependent on the scale of the project and timelines. Iwill do a few designs which I feel answer the brief and from there we shallenter into an interactive dialogue, whereby designs are modified, rejected, new ones made or accepted. I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design and sometimes hand drawing. For examples of previous designs, see the Design Gallery
  4. Making: Once a design has been accepted and an initial payment on the design of up to 50% has been agreed and paid, - making shall begin. Throughout the entire process of making, clients are more than welcome to come witness the creation of their unique item. Timescales for making will be estimated prior to starting and a final installation date will be offered. Throughout the entire process of making, photographic updates will be issued. This is so that you can see the progress made.
  5. Installation: Dependent on the scale of the project / chandelier, it may take only one day to install or several. In order to install the chandelier, I utilise the help of skilled workers, who are you used to the installation conditions. There maybe as many as three assistants, dependent on the amount of work to be done.
  6. Final Payment: Upon the completion of the installation, you will be required to assess your new bespoke chandelier. After you have signed off on the chandelier, the final payment of 50% would be expected within 30 working days.